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Volyn Charitable Foundation Pereobrazhennya (Transformation) was founded on February 3, 2003 (date of registration: February 28, 2003, certificate of registration: ¹ 97).
Transformation conducts social and charitable projects with the help of people who profess Christian values.

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Our main objectives:

  • Improving moral and financial conditions of people receiving charitable assistance;
  • Offering social rehabilitation assistance through the teaching of Christian values and morals for poverty-stricken, unemployed people, people with disabilities, alcohol and drug addicts;
  • Providing assistance for people who, due to physical or other disabilities, are limited in asserting their rights and legal claims;
  • Providing financial and other types assistance for families with multiple children, poverty-stricken families, orphans, and children with one parent;
  • Instigating a revival of family values;
  • Providing support for members of the foundation and integrating their efforts into the activities of the charity;
  • Presenting propaganda for healthy lifestyles: care for the sick and elderly, support in social protection, public health, education, science and culture;
  • Providing assistance in publishing and mass media;
  • Attracting sponsorship and investments for the activities of foundation.
    Since September 2003 we have been dealing with budget expenses.

    Charity projects conducted last year:

  • Consultation office “A Step to Freedom”;
  • Re-socialization center for drug addicts - Transformation (within the network of state re-socialization centers for young drug addicts “Your Victory”);
  • Drug addiction and HIV/ AIDS prevention programs among at-risk youth in the Volyn region;
  • Preventive programs “Worth To Live”;
  • Preventive films “The Truth About”;
  • Rehabilitation center for people with disabilities.

    Our main achievements:

  • Conducted programs that promote a healthy lifestyle in general education institutions in Lutsk city and region;
  • Assisted more that 80 people in successfully completing the re-socialization program and returning to valuable and productive lives;
  • Consulted with more than 300 people who contacted the hotline via telephone or internet;
  • Produced 5 preventive films from the series “The Truth About”;
  • Designed and published 3 preventive brochures (The Truth About Drugs, The Truth About AIDS, The Truth About Alcohol) and one booklet (Five Steps to Death);
  • Opened physical rehabilitation center where people with spinal cord injuries can receive regular treatment.

    Our main plans for the future:

  • To develop partners in other regional centers of the country who will implement our preventive programs with the assistance of our acquired experience and accumulated resources;
  • To bring about the projects which were presented to the Youth and Sports Department of Volyn regional state administration and to the Family and Youth Department of the Lutsk City Council, including: - Elaboration and publication of preventive brochures (The Truth About Drugs and The Truth About Alcohol) - Development of a free regional consultation office, “A Step to Freedom” - Anonymous consultation for alcohol and drug addicts and their family members - Development of “Everyone Can Create,” a workshop for children and teenagers where they make different items with their hands - Creation of a youth preventive film, “The Truth About Sex“, which will reveal the truth about intimate relationships, marriage, violence, pornography, etc. This film is a continuation of the series which includes “The Truth About Drugs,” “The Truth About Smoking,” “The Truth About AIDS,” “The Truth About Alcohol” - Kids Olympic Games, which are sport competitions, crafts, and lessons on ethics for teenagers.
    Management of Transformation is located in Lutsk.


  • Pavlo Grygorovych Myronyuk – Chairman of Transformation. Contact: fimiam(a), tel.: +380503781280.
  • Vitaliy Mykolajevych Lyasnik – Deputy Chairman of Transformation. Contact: vlyasnik_1976(a), tel.: +380501470808.
  • Olexandr Fedorovych Samruk – Chief of Press and Secretary of Transformation. Contact: aysamruk(a), tel.: +380509692114.
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