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Re-socialization of alcohol and drug addicts

There are 3 rehabilitation centers affiliated with the network of the state re-socialization centers for young drug addicts “Your Victory”:
  • Transformation – contact: Yury Tsymbal +380501677284 (for men) and Lesya Shevchuk +380503782576 (for women)
  • New Life - contact: Victoriya Podlovkina +380931434854

    Disability Ministry
  • Providing physical rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injuries in a rehab center in Lutsk; Druzhby Narodiv Avenue, 6. For advance registration tel. +38 0332 767157.
  • Conducting seminars on how to care for people with disabilities.
  • Crafty Hands, workshop for children with disabilities where they can make different items with their hands.
  • Visiting people with disabilities routinely, helping them to solve everyday problems.
    Responsible for Disability Ministry is Sergey Bolchook +380506024513.

    Preventive Ministry

    The preventive measures ministry aims to prevent negative phenomena in society. Preventive measures programs of Transformation include the following topics: the truth about drugs, the truth about smoking, the truth about AIDS, the truth about alcohol, the truth about sex, the truth about sense of life (charity, goodness, compassion, spirituality, humanity, etc.).
    Preventive measures ministry began in 2000 after spiritual-enlightenment programs for Lutsk residents had been conducted. Currently, weekly preventive meetings are held in all city educational establishments, where staff and volunteers of Transformation interact with children and students, discussing the above mentioned topics.
    The program of the preventive meetings is as follows: watching preventive film, sharing prepared materials, discussing as a group, and distributing brochures. More than 9000 students participated in Transformation preventive meetings during the 2007-2008 academic year in the Volyn region.
    Responsible for Preventive Ministry is Dmytro Shevchuk: tel. +380503789524.

    Little School

    Little School, which is affiliated with Transformation, has been functioning in Lutsk since the beginning of the 2006-2007 academic year. There exist two departments: Seedy School, affiliated with Golgotha Church and Starry School, affiliated with Fimiam Church. Sixty-five school children have successfully finished Little School.
  • Seedy School: The main subjects are reading, mathematics, writing, Christian ethics, logic, English and acting. Studies take place in general education school ¹ 15. Children and their parents celebrate Thanksgiving Day, birthdays, Christmas holidays, Easter, Family Day, and the Last Bell together. General weekly meetings occur on Mondays and Wednesdays. Regular parents meetings also take place to discuss the issue, “How should I bring up my child?”
    Contact person for Seedy School: Iryna Seredyuk +380506605556
  • Starry School: The main subjects are mathematics, reading, writing, English, crafts, logic and Christian ethics. Studies take place in Fimiam Church on Stanislavskogo Street, 15à. Children and their parents celebrate The First Bell, birthdays, Christmas holidays, Family Day and the Last Bell together. General weekly meetings occur on Thursdays and Fridays. Regular parents meetings also take place to discuss the issue, “How should I bring up my child?”
    Contact person for Starry School: Tamara Martynova +380633978999

    Ministry to HIV-positive people

    Transformation has been ministering to people who are HIV-positive since 2007, providing physical, financial and spiritual assistance. More than 25 people have requested spiritual and financial assistance from staff and volunteers during their time of testing for detection of HIV.
    Responsible for ministry to people who are HIV-positive is Yuriy Tsymbal: tel. +380639534535.

    Children’s Ministry

    Children’s Ministry in Transformation aims to bring up children ages 7-12 in Christian morals and values. We strive to reach this goal through Postal Bible School, children’s camp, summer camps, puppet play, ministry in general education schools and ministry to children with disabilities.
    Responsible for Children’s Ministry is Pavlo Boiko tel. +380503060568

    Teenager’s Ministry

    Teenager’s Ministry in Transformation aims to involve schoolchildren ages 12-16 in teenagers movement.
    The main goal of our ministry to teenagers is to focus their attention on healthy spiritual and physical growth. We strive to reach this goal through Bible study groups, general club meetings and involvement of club participants in social projects (in order to teach them how to serve). Staff and volunteers of Transformation organize monthly walks to the woods to play sport games, excursions, and football and table tennis tournaments to provide opportunities for teenagers to learn lessons on Christian ethics.
    Responsible for Teenager’s Ministry is Kateryna Malesyk: tel. +380954092996

    Youth Ministry

    Youth Ministry in Transformation is based on the propagation of a healthy lifestyle and a search for answers to spiritual questions.
    With this goal in mind, we offer youth parties in the 51 Parallel Club on Saturdays, monthly meetings of the 2000 Club, seminars on urgent problems affecting youth, mass meetings, preventive ministry in educational establishments, street concerts, sport games and youth summer camps.
    Responsible for the Youth Ministry is Olexandr Poturay: tel. +380665481308

    Family Ministry

    The institution of marriage is at a crisis point. That is why Transformation gives increased effort and attention to married couples and those who plan to marry. We offer consultation for those who plan to marry, monthly meetings for married couples in the family club and summer family camps where we have fellowship and rest time together. We plan to organize a Crisis Pregnancy Center and a hotline to assist people in settling family issues, to help young people find jobs, etc.
    Responsible for Family Ministry is Yuriy Mykhalchuk: tel. +380502937112

    Ministry to blind people

    Ministry to blind people in Transformation offers spiritual and financial support through fellowship groups, distribution of materials in Braille, accompaniment to the doctor, summer camps and home visits.
    Responsible for Ministry to blind people is Volodymyr Usanov: tel. +380504384375

    Work in prison

    Transformation’s work in prison is carried out through regular visits of prisons aiming to support prisoners spiritually through fellowship groups, bible studies, distribution of Christian and prevention materials, help with documents after discharge and support in looking for job.
    Responsibles for Ministry to work in prison are Alexander Slobodyanyuk tel. +380667733457 and Alexander Astafiev +380662649900

    Crisis pregnancy center

    Crisis pregnancy center functions with the support of “Eva” women’s center in Lutsk. The aiming is to persuade people in healthy lifestyle, providing medical consultation for pregnant women and spiritual support in overcoming post abortion syndrome.
    Helen Netrunina is responsible for this center +380958821448.

    Registration of homeless people

    Registration of homeless people aims to provide legal support for homeless people and for people discharged from prison. They are provided with free documents, property and non-property right.
    Viktor Gavrylyuk is responsible for this center: +380332297009 and +380507166579.

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